Our Facilities

  1. Digital Board with Smart Classes.
  2. AC- Class Room.
  3. Self- Study Room for Student( Only Day Time)
  4. Purified/ Hygiene drinking water.
  5. Separate and Hygiene washroom for Boys and Girls Students.
  6. One Hour doubt Session daily.
  7. Both notes will provide handwritten and text from digital board on PDF from on year WhatsApp.
  8. Fee, Refund, if you not satisfied by our commitment within four months after joining.
  9. Special Batch for NDA, IIT, CBSE Board and BSEB Board.
  10. Test for Both MCQ Test & Subjective Test.
  11. We provide motivational videos for concentration For” Building your goal on different level”.
  12. We also work on communication Skills, Soft Skills and Behavior.
  13. If office we have female Staff for girls Students Security concern.
  14. We provide recorded lecture videos.
  15. Parent- Teacher meeting available.
  16. First Aid Kit for any Small injury or health issue.
  17. WhatsApp group Batch wise.
  18. We provide boy , copy, Study material and pen.